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Tips of the Trade & Services Offered
Ohio Store Fixtures, Inc. has been designing and supplying fixtures for mom and pop stores all over Ohio and across the country for over 30 years.
We provide services to: 
  • Cell phone businesses
  • Smoke shops
  • Gun Stores
  • Grocery/convenient stores 
  • Hardware stores
  • Clothing stores 
  • Gift shops
  • Specialty shops
We work with merchants setting up their stores located in flea markets, strip mall shopping centers, stand alone buildings and large shopping malls, including kiosks and store fronts.  
We offer fee based services for store layout and design, merchandising, window displays, security and surveillance tips, and much more.  If you are unable to pick up your fixtures we offer affordable local delivery, LTL freight and full load freight.   

                 *** OUR TIP OF THE DAY ***

How Do Shoppers Shop?

Have you ever stopped and watched people shop?  I mean, really sit back and just watch people.

Take this challenge...  Go to a mall.  Walk into any store and simply find a place where you can see the door and watch people come in to the store.  Sounds a little weird, I know.  I get it.  But you will be amazed at what you learn.  First, take note of their eyes.  Follow their eyes as soon as they enter the store.  Where do they look first?  Is it up?  Down?  To the left?  To the right?  All shoppers have a pattern of shopping.  People who are on a mission and are there for one thing and one thing only, will bee line straight to the area or rack where they can find the items they need or want.  However, others will typically stop just a few feet inside the store and look.  In my experiences they look at the walls.  They want to see displays, something eye catching, something that will draw them in further.  Follow their eyes to see which direction they go.  Watch how they shop the store.  9 times out of 10 they will shop your store the same way.  If you like what you see in their shopping behavior, then try to mimic the store setup in your space.  If shoppers are not staying in that particular store then go to another store where people are shopping, having fun and spending money.  That will be the store setup you will want to Mimic into your space.  

Pick a chain store that sells similar items that you sell.  The majority of those chain retailers invest millions of dollars researching shopper behaviors.  They have mastered how to control movement through their stores.  By taking some time and watching people in these stores you can learn a great deal about shopper behaviors and how to navigate YOUR shoppers through your store.  You will find new ways to pull your shoppers further into your store and ways to capture their attention so they stay and shop longer.  

If you can learn what the Big Boys are doing and can incorporate that into your small business, you can be just as successful.  

So, Take the Challenge. Take the afternoon and go shopping.

The better your products are displayed the better they will sell.  Shoppers will pay a certain price for a product based on "perceived value".  If you are selling jewelry in an old, used, unlit showcase, the "perceived value" could be much less than the "actual value" of the merchandise.  If the jewelry is displayed in a new, well lit, showcase with clean shiny glass, the "perceived value" of that item could be much higher than the "actual value" allowing you to maximize your selling power thus increasing your profits.  As they say, "you have to spend money to make money".  Don't cheapen your products.  
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