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Bella Bar - Light Duty Straight Rack 
Garment Racks

Garment Racks

Come check out our wide variety of garment racks to suit your needs and space.  We carry: 
  • Straight racks 
  • H-Racks 
  • Round Racks 
  • Spiral Racks
  • 4-Way Racks 
  • Ladder Displays
  • KV Standards
  • Outriggers
We also carry a range of accessories, such as, 
  • H-Rack and Z-Rack Add-On bars to double your hanging space 
  • H-Rack Extension Bars to turn 2 H-Racks into 3 Racks 
  • Glass and Wood Toppers for Round Racks
  • H-Rack Baskets and Shoe Displays
  • Z-Rack Baskets 


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